Nathalie TOUBKIN

English speaking French lawyer registered with the Bar of Ain,
Pays de Gex (15 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland).

Collaborative Law

“Litigation, especially in family law, often exacerbates conflicts while offering an uncertain outcome which often fails to meet the specific needs of the parties, not to mention the cost and delays inherent to judicial proceedings.”

I am a certified practitioner in collaborative law, an alternative dispute resolution process which offers long term solutions to any disputes.

Collaborative Process

Alternative dispute resolution process

✓ No litigation.

✓ Lawyers working together, and not against each other, to achieve a settlement that meets the specific needs of both parties.

✓ Mandatory withdrawal of both lawyers if either party litigates.

✓ Judge not involved, except to confirm the agreement of the parties.

✓ Cost & time efficient.

✓ Open exchange of information between the parties.

✓ Strictly confidential (process cannot be used later to litigate).

95% success rate leading to a satisfactory agreement.

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93 Chemin du Rucher,
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