Nathalie TOUBKIN

English speaking French lawyer registered with the Bar of Ain,
Pays de Gex (15 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland).

Nathalie TOUBKIN defends your rights, but can also help you to find an amicable agreement via the collaborative process or mediation.

Collaborative Process

Alternative dispute resolution process
Litigation, especially in family law, often exacerbates conflicts while offering an uncertain outcome which often fails to meet the specific needs of the parties, not to mention the cost and delays inherent to judicial proceedings.
I am certified practitioner in collaborative law, an alternative dispute resolution process which offers long term solutions to any dispute.
“Have you considered mediation to bring a long-term solution to a dispute? ”
Mediation is an efficient alternative to judicial proceedings, offering you a cost-effective, quick and personalised process to bring your disputes to an end.



Mediation can be ordered by a judge during judicial proceedings (« judicial mediation ») or initiated by the parties themselves (« contractual mediation »). In either case, parties can be assisted by a lawyer.

During the mediation process, Nathalie TOUBKIN acts as an independent professional helping the parties to reopen negotiations so that they can find themselves a solution to their disagreement. Mediation aims to rapidly find a long-term and amicable agreement.


Divorcing without a judge

As from the 1st of January 2017, it will be possible to divorce in France without a judge as follows:

  • each spouse must be represented by his or her own lawyer,
  • the divorce agreement is signed, after a 15 day cooling off period, by each party (and counter-signed their lawyer), and
  • the agreement is then recorded by a notary (thereby giving the agreement its executory force).

About me

Practised peviously as a Solicitor of England and Wales.

Currently practising French law dealing with all aspects of contentious and non-contentious legal matters for families, individuals or companies.

  • Collaborative law practitioner
  • English spoken
  • 日本語を話せるフランスの弁護士

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