Nathalie TOUBKIN

English speaking French lawyer registered with the Bar of Ain,
Pays de Gex (15 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland).


“Have you considered mediation to bring a long-term solution to a dispute? ”
Mediation is an efficient alternative to judicial proceedings, offering you a cost-effective, quick and personalised process to bring your disputes to an end.

Mediation can be ordered by a judge during judicial proceedings (« judicial mediation ») or initiated by the parties themselves (« contractual mediation”).

In either case, parties can be assisted by a lawyer.

During the mediation process, Nathalie TOUBKIN acts as an independent professional helping the parties to reopen negotiations so that they can find themselves a solution to their disagreement.

Mediation aims to rapidly find a long-term and amicable agreement.

Whereas judicial proceedings focus on applying the law – whether seemingly fair or not – mediation will provide the parties with a confidential process allowing them to discuss their expectations, needs and real motives.

Nathalie TOUBKIN, Mediator:

  • Member of the National Chamber of Mediation Practitioners  (CNPM).
  • Third-party trained, impartial and independent.
  • Professional respecting a code of ethics and mediation.
  • Profil available at : www.cnpm-mediation.orgPDF.


  • Confidentiality of all exchanges
  • Independence
  • Impartiality
  • Free choice of parties
  • Good will of the parties


  • Restoring a communication space facilitated by a third party: the mediator.
  • Individual and collective interviews.
  • Consideration of all aspects (legal, technical and psychological) of the conflict.
  • The objective is to find a solution freely developed and agreed by the parties.

Advantages of mediation:

  • Rapidity
  • Less cost than a legal proceeding.
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Solution built by the parties and not imposed by a magistrate.
  • Taking into account the common interest of the parties.
  • Mediation agreement that can be validated by a magistrate.

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93 Chemin du Rucher,
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