Nathalie TOUBKIN

English speaking French lawyer registered with the Bar of Ain,
Pays de Gex (15 minutes from Geneva, Switzerland).


Fees :


  • Consultations are charged on a hourly basis. The consultation rate will be clearly indicated and confirmed prior to any appointment.
  • A fixed all-inclusive rate can be offered for certain procedures (judicial or legal advice/drafting).


  • Once agreed, fees are clearly detailed in a Fee Agreement.
  • Money-handling by lawyers, for and on behalf of clients, is strictly regulated in France and must transit via a secured account managed by the Law Society.
  • Any dispute relating to legal fees can be addressed to a mediator and/or the French Bar Association (free of charge).

Managing your legal fees

  • Judges usually condemn the losing party to reimburse the legal fees and expenses to the winning party, unless equity demands otherwise.
  • If you are on low income, you may benefit from Judicial Aid (“Aide Juridictionnelle”) which, depending on the level of your income, may cover either 100% or only part of your legal fees and expenses. To obtain more information and/or apply for Judicial Aid, please contact directly the Judicial Aid Bureau (“Bureau d’Aide Juridictionnelle”) located in the relevant High Court (“Tribunal de Grande Instance”).
  • We also recommend that you review your insurance policies which may well cover legal fees and expenses. It is important to note that Judicial Aid is only available where legal fees and expenses are not covered by other means such as insurance policies. Therefore, before considering any legal action, you should first check your insurance policies to understand their full coverage.
  • If you are not a EU resident, you may be exempt from paying French VAT (otherwise applied to legal fees).

Contact the lawyer


93 Chemin du Rucher,

01170 Echenevex, FRANCE

Fax: +33 9 72 25 89 26

Skype: ntoubkin

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93 Chemin du Rucher,
01170 Échenevex, France